HR Audit

HR AuditHR Audit is a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of human resource management functions, procedures, systems, documents in order to provide recommendations for improvement and to ensure compliance with manpower law.The benefits of HR Audit :

  1. Identify the effectiveness of Human Resource Management functions in contributing to the company.
  2. Identify policy and company regulation in accordance with prevailing the labour laws and regulations.
  3. To Enhance the role and responsibility of HR Department to the achievement of vision, mission and objectives of the company.
  4. To measure and analyze the cost and benefit of each program and HR activities.

Lingkup Audit SDM :

  1. Organizing and Manpower Plan.
  2. Recruitment and Selection of New Employees.
  3. Salary and Employee Rewards.
  4. Training and Development.
  5. Personnel administration.
  6. Performance Appraisal.
  7. Employee Relations.
  8. Corporate Culture.
  9. Occupational Safety and Health.