Organizational Structure Review & Design

Struktur OrganisasiOrganizational structure design is not simply about mapping out an organizational structure, but also about how the organisation is aligned with all other aspects, functions, business process and company’s strategy. There are six key elements in designing organizational structure: Work specialization, Departmentalization, Chain of command, Span of control, Centralization/Decentralization and Formalization.

Organizational structure should be subject to periodic review. This should be conducted in order to ensure that Organizational structure is still aligned with vision, mission, and the company’s strategy.

Any review of the organisational structure must be based on a clear understanding of the purpose, the right grouping of work, clear accountabilities, relationships between positions and reporting lines.

We will help to conduct organisational structure review or design through our approach, namely involves a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the organisation and then we can advise on organisation structure changes appropriate.