Job Analysis of the important elements of the human resource management program is a job analysis. Job analysis is the systematic process to collect analyzing information about the content of a job, responsibilities, authority, necessary skills, equipment used, and requirements needed to perform the work. The outcomes of Job Analysis are Job Descriptions and Job Specifications.

The benefits of Job Analysis:

  1. To be used as information in the review of the organizational structure process so that the structure is appropriate for the company’s size, human resources and the company’s strategy.
  2. To provide the information necessary in order to select the right people in the recruitment and selection process.
  3. To provide the information necessary in order to training need analysis for employees.
  4. To provide the information necessary in the Job Evaluation process.
  5. To identify the risk factor on the job based on information from Job Analysis process.

We will help to conduct the Job Analysis to produce Job Description and Job Specification so that each employee better understand their functions and duties as well as improve their performance.