Job Evaluation

Evaluasi JabatanJob Evaluation is a systematic process used to establish the relative value of positions/jobs within an organization based on Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. Its aim is to evaluate the job, not the jobholder.

The outcomes of Job Evaluation are determination of a Job Level or Job Grade.

There are four methods of Job Evaluation: (1) Ranking Method; (2) Classification Method; (3) Factor Comparison Method; and (4) Point System Method. Point System Method that is widely used in practice of Job Evaluation.

The benefits of Job Evaluation:

  1. To use in recruitment & selection, career path and other personnel functions.
  2. To help establish or maintain the credibility and acceptability of a grading system.
  3. To create the salary range for employee.
  4. To know exactly what duties each jobholder carries out

We will help to conduct the Job Evaluation to produce Job Grade as basis for enhancement of remuneration.